Carpentier Kitchen was established in 2012 by Dewi Asthari and Alek Kowalski. The name “Carpentier” conveys our love towards history and heritage, since it was taken from its Colonial era name, Carpentierstraat. We love to serve you with our warmest heart, make you feel like spending a laid back afternoon at your grandmas balcony or relaxing at the antiquated beach

We passionately collect vintage goods from all over the world for years to enhance the experience while enjoying our cooking that we develop from time with a variety of old recipes with a little modern modification that we adapt to the taste that our visitors like to be able to enjoy the taste of the past with its worn-out and comfortable atmosphere


We've been catering delicious food & refreshing beverages since 2012. One of our first menus is Carpentier's Ultimate Burger, a five layers of heaven on earth, containing hidroponic romaine leaves, homemade beef patty, high quality mozarella cheese, fresh bbq mushroom sauce, and beef bacon.

Up until now. we've been selling more than 18.000 burgers and still counting. Another all time favourite menu is penne and cheese, combining 4 different cheeses, this pasta dish is generously created for the cheese enthusiast.

In 2019 we have created more than dozens of menus, and each one of them would satisfy your apetite. We will keep creating and innovating for your unboundless culinary experience


Carpentier Coffee was started in 2017. The ignition was finally there after 5 years of running Carpentier Kitchen because we felt like we were obliged to make sure that what we do is what we believe.

The search has ended when we had a chance to travel to some islands in Indonesia, and observed how us, Indonesians, enjoyed coffee in so many different ways and in a wide range of taste. It marked our first small steps to have our own character in coffee, whic are thick and fulfilling